Zero Gravity Massage Chair with heat and Bluetooth

Zero Gravity Massage Chair with heat and Bluetooth

Once You Get It You Will Never Want To Leave It. The Most Comfortable Massage Chair In 2021

Change your life completely with this amazing smart massage chair. You will literally not want to leave this chair alone. Your family will want it, your friends will sleep on it, and your pets will steal it!

  • Healthy Ergonomic Design 
  • Prevents Neck & Back Problems
  • Many Massage Features
  • Heating options

Our Key Benefits

The NeckFort Ergonomic Full Body Massage Chair will prevent you from having stubborn neck and back problems, will increase the quality of your life, and will make you not want to leave it at all! 


What is special about it?

Adjustable Width - The S shape massage components in the backrest were built using human body engineering principles to ensure that the back massage is close to the body. The width of the 621cm is adjustable in three levels: wide, moderate, and narrow.

Zero Gravity -There are three levels of zero gravity angles, which can be adjusted by pressing the button. Meanwhile, our heart and knees are aligned in a horizontal line, which helps to lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

SL Track - "SL" forms a space curved rail technology, the massage distance is 135cm, allowing you to enjoy personal massage from head to leg, assisting in the maintenance of the human body vertebra "S" shaped curve, and relieving tense muscles.

NeckFort Massage Chair

Comes Assembled

The massage chair comes completely assembled out of the box! all you need to do is just take it out!

Amazing Massage features

Enjoy many different massage features that we will make you feel like you were literally reborn!

Simple Bluetooth Connection

Music can be played by connecting the blue tooth to a smart phone or tablet device, and the audio speakers are positioned on the upper arm area of the product.

Air Pressurized System

Three forms of air pressure massage are available: full body air pressure, arms air pressure, and leg air pressure, each with three levels of intensity.

Heating System

The back heating feature, which ranges from 40Β°C to 50Β°C, can help reduce back pain and cold. Because the emissive far infrared wave length matches that of the human body, the energy can be absorbed by human cells, activating them and promoting metabolism.

Amazing Feet Massage

The massage chair has amazing massage rollers planted on the feet area. This features makes it easy to smoothly massage every part of your feet

Extended Calf

The calf rest frame can be flexibly extended to accommodate varied body heights, with a maximum extend length of 20cm to ensure that the entire body receives a relaxing massage.

Feels Like A Real Massage

The chair emulate a professional masseuse's technique by kneading, squeezing, flapping, pressing, pushing, holding, swinging, and twisting. As a result, mechanical hands/rollers can massage the human cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebras effectively.

our massage chair






Positively Affected Customers


  • Comfortable Design

  • Durable & Long Lasting Quality

  • 7 - 14 Business Day Delivery

  • 100% Ergonomic Materials 

Other Brands

  • Unhealthy & Uncomfortable Pillows 

  • Cheap Low Grade Quality

  • 15 - 30 Business Day Delivery

  • Not Ergonomic

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Shipping & returns

Insured Worldwide Shipping: Each order includes real-time tracking details and insurance coverage in the unlikely event that a package gets lost or stolen in transit. For more details click here 

Returns: If the chair arrived damaged or broken we will re-send you new parts. If you would like to return the chair (brand new/used/broken) the return shipping fees will come out of your own expense as we do not provide any return label and the return will only be possible in the first 15 days.  

24/7 Customer Support: We have a team of live reps ready to help and answer any questions you have within a 24-hour time frame, 7 days a week.
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Do Not List

  • Do not use if you have Osteoporosis 
  • Do not use if you are pregnant
  • Do not use if you are under 16 years old 
  • Make sure to get familiar with it before using for long time
  • Do not put it next to an area with lots of water


We do NOT take any responsibility in harm caused by any of our products due to misguided use.